JUA Library

Mornington Secondary College, shared facility discussion starters [PDF Full-Text]

Bridging the Gap 2012, analysis of JUAs in US [PDF Full-Text]

Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), facilities JUA [PDF Full-Text]

Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), land JUA [PDF Full-Text]

City of Casey, policy for the joint development and use of facilities [PDF Full-Text]

Brighton and Hove (UK), playing fields JUA [PDF Full-Text]

City of Unley, primary school oval JUA [PDF Full-Text]

Calendon (Ontario, Canada), playing fields JUA [PDF Full-Text]

Bellevue (Washington, USA), parking JUA [PDF Full-Text]

Seattle (Washington, USA), facilities and grounds JUA [PDF Full-Text]

JUA case studies and resources (Morken and Baran-Rees, Cornell University) [PDF Full-Text]

Northern Territory, school council and user JUA [PDF Full-Text]

NSW community use implementation procedures and agreement [PDF Full-Text]

Western Australian Local Government Association, JUA position paper [PDF Full-Text]